Laser based photoacoustic spectroscopy is a unique method which can be used for highly accurate, fast and automatic measurement of the concentration of gases and vapours in an exceptionally wide range from ppb to 100%. Furthermore, quantitative and qualitative (chemical composition and toxicology) properties of atmospheric aerosol can be investigated based on the photoacoustic method. Our laboratory and knowledge base have been created as a result of 20 years of research and development and it were used successfully in performing internationally recognised research in various fields including environmental monitoring, climate research and medical research. In addition, we are continuously searching for possible practical applications of the photoacoustic method, and for developing new instruments based on this method.

The photoacoustic research in our department began in 1994. Initially we were primarily monitoring industrial gases, but during the past few years, more emphasis has been placed on environmental and physiological applications in our work. 

The activities of the MTA-SZTE Photoacoustic Research Group, founded in July 2013, focus on the three most promising applications of photoacoustic spectroscopy: 

Prof. Gabor Szabo 

Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

 Research group leader